My goal in learning English



What is my goal in learning English?

My goal in learning English is to be able to express my ideas, Japanese things, and Japanese way of thinking to the world fluently, and be able to exchange ideas with people around the world without any language barriers.

But I didn’t have such a goal From the beginning.

I restarted to learn English from the beginning of 2021. I had a little bit of desire to work in Silicon valley as an IT engineer. Because I have worked as an IT engineer at a Japanese company for a long time and I have knew if I could work in Silicon Valley, I could get big money(But I also knew it was not a realistic dream for me.).

So I started online English for the first time in my life. Every day I did online English with many tutors around the world. It was a very exciting experience for me. Because I had rarely chance to speak English in my life without my trip going foreign country. Of course, I have no chance to speak English in my work.

One day, I tried a short speech to an online tutor about my favorite book, “The Artist’s Way”. The tutor was very glad to hear my speech and encouraged me very much. I also enjoyed the speech. So next I tried to make a video on YouTube about the book.

That’s fun. Even now 8 months passed since uploaded the video, only under 50 people view, But it was a good experience for me.

And 4 months later after my first video in English was uploaded, I uploaded the second video like below.

In the second video I spoke about Japan, so it was also a good experience because I also know about Japan more.

In the future, I want to express not only the surface of Japan but deep in Japan to the world. And I want to connect deep Japan with hyper technology. Oh, it’s a very big dream (but I have no concrete idea…).

And I would talk with people around the world about that. If I can do that, I might become a contributor to the world. It is motivating me now.

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English composition (What are your goals in studying English?)

Everyone is studying English enthusiastically, but if you have any actual goals, things you would like to try using English, goals, etc., please let us know.