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I have been involved in many projects for my work as an IT engineer. Some of them have remained in my mmemory as terrible experiences. They were really awful.I had partaken in several projects which had felt like a death march each time in the past. Some of my projects were unsuccessful and there were times where I had only 2 or 3 hours of sleep a day. And we always had pressure from the client. Of course, there are some good projects in my portfolio.
Sadly, many of my good memories have been overwritten by bad ones.

So today, I want to talk about my project as a university student. I was in a drama club at the university. I had been involved in about 4 or 5 performances of drama. They were a good experience.
We had prepared a performance of drama for two months including sounds, lightning, and even set up a theater. We actually had set up tent theaters as like a small version of a theater for a circus.

We usually set up a tent theatre one month prior to the performance.
When we set up a tent theatre, everyone helps. It usually takes 2 full days.

When I was in the second grade of University, I was involved in drama performances as an actor and writer.

We would plan to set up our tent theatre one month before doors open, close to the University. We always tried to choose locations close to passers by, in popular areas and with easy access to public transport.
We wanted as many people as possible to share our performance with as we only had permission to stay a short time.

But building the performance of drama didn’t go well.
The script was not made completely, and the director didn’t get used to his work.
Our proceed was very slow.
And the day before we would move the tent, we rehearsed for the first time.
That was terrible.
We all didn’t believe we could play before an audience at that time.
And we had not so much time to practice because we had to move the tent tomorrow. We might need at least three days for disassembling the tent, move it to the new place, and setting up it again. We were all disappointed.
When I was going back to my home on that day, I was thinking that we should move or not. The leaflet of the performance that the place was written had already been printed. But I decided what we should do next.
I telephoned the director and asked him not to move the tent.
The director agreed with my opinion. And we decided not to move the tent.

After that, we concentrated on building our performance in the days remaining.

And finally the first day of playing the performance before the audience had come.
Our performance attracted the audience. Laughing was filled in the tent.
Many people who watched our performance seemed to be satisfied.
If we moved the tent as the first plan, our performance might be still terrible.
We got something by releasing something.

This is one of the most impressive projects I’ve ever had.

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