The story of being to be good at something.


The story of being to be good at something.


When I was in 4th grade, we practiced to play the recorder for “Edelweiss” from “The Sound of Music”.

I had not interest in playing musical instruments. One day each student had played the song in orderly, When my turn, I played the song acting foolishly and laughing for getting other student’s attention.
The teacher got angry seeing my attitude, and louded like “What are you doing! You must do it more seriously!”.
I was shocked about that.
From then on, I decided to be able to play ”Edelwiss” well.
I practiced to play the song many times after finished class every day.
And little by little, my skill for playing the recorder was increasing, and I was feeling happy to play. And I practiced the more and more.
I might be in a positive feedback loop.
Finally, I could play “Edelwiss” completely. And I got a chance to play the recorder before the teacher again.
The teacher looked to be happy at that time.
I thought I wanted to play other songs and I played some songs of the music textbook such as the Japanese national anthem - Kimigayo( which means “your reign”), “The Entertainer” From "The Sting". Obviously I became a skilled player.

From this experience, I come to think it’s important to be into positive feedback loop for being to be good at something;
You play something again and again, then you would be better at something, and then you would be happy, and then you would play it again and again….

Now I am thinking If I use a positive feedback loop in learning English I also would become to be good at English.

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